Which is better DBS by mail or DBS ONLINE?

When applying for a new job, depending on the field, the new employer may require you to complete the Disclosure and Inhibit Checks (DBS Check). Three types of DBS checks allow you to work in specific areas including (but not limited to) teaching, social care, childcare, universities, and even the charitable sector.

  • Basic DBS Check
  • Standard DBS Check
  • Extended DBS Check

If you wish to apply for a DBS inspection you will need to confirm whether it should be done using paper forms or if you can do it online. While applying for a DBS check online and on paper is a viable option, it is firmly believed that it is better to apply for a DBS check online. You should not disparage the traditional method of applying for DBS by mail as for some it is still an important and preferred choice. Online DBS checks have many advantages that save you money, time and stress.

DBS web application is fairly direct and very easy to understand. It takes minimum computing knowledge and it’s just like filling other forms online. You can do it by both your computer and also you’re mobile. The details are sometimes even auto filled, so all you need to do is give the necessary requirements, along with your mail and contact info and you will be notified if you have qualified for Enhanced DBS check.

Why online is the most efficient

  • There is less chance of error—DBS applications that contain any errors or mistakes can suffer from processing delays and the impact of inaccurate DBS certificate can be costly. If you send a DBS application form by mail and find that there is a mistake in the form, the form will be sent back to you for correction also by mail. Instead, online applications can be returned electronically and the revision process is simpler and would not require resending to your mailbox. Of course, eliminating bugs in any way is the best step, but any fixes can be easily repaired electronically.
  • You can track your application—when applying for a DBS check online; you can track the progress of your application to see where your check is at. DBS Online Tracking helps you judge how long you can wait for the certificate to be sent to you. You just don’t have this peace of mind applying for a DBS check by mail, with the Basic DBS check tracking, Standard DBS check tracking and Enhanced DBS check tracking.

Also Online DBS checks take less time.

As previously mentioned, the turnaround time is significantly reduced if you apply for a DBS check online rather than a paper form. Paper applications depend on the postal service. Paper documents must be certified as genuine and belong to you before they are shipped, which can be significantly delayed if there is a backlog of paper applications. Whether you are applying for a DBS check online or submitting your application by mail, your documents will need to be verified. Applying online means you can upload your documents immediately and you don’t have to wait for them to come back to you by mail.

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