Why are Celebrities Deleting their Instagram Accounts?

There are many pros associated with social media platforms. It certainly does connect you with people afar and makes the world look smaller. You can get in touch with anyone you have not met in years with just a click. You can share your thoughts, ideas with the world.  It has an element of fun as well. However, on the other hand, it takes you away from the real side of ‘you’. You hardly have any time to reflect upon yourself, which is why many celebrities these days choose to be sworn off from social media. Some social media sensations are quite happy with their free existence, while some have severe issues with their unplugged lives. Award-winning actress Step Mom fame Susan Sarandon, Blake Lively, Pop Singer Taylor Swift, and more stars have wiped their Instagram account clean. It has also become a breeding ground of hatred for those who have a huge fan following. Twenty-one well-known personalities opted for social media cleanse and unplugged themselves from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in 2020 alone.

All the celebrities have a different approach towards life and have their reasons to delete Instagram posts, which is justified if you sneak into their lives:

  • Trolling, hate-speeches, and negativity
  • Tech Detox
  • Privacy Issues
  • Minimizing the hassle of managing interactions
  • Keeping the feed clutter-free
  • Temporary withdrawal for revamping the Insta feeds
  • Looking for new branding strategies
  • Lack of engagement
  • Protecting against hacking/cyber-attacks
  • To remove controversial content


Right from Kelly Marie Tran to Ariel Winter had sworn to stay away from social media and zeroed out on their online presence. Trolling is a new form of bullying on the internet. Social media is an open platform and provides easy accessibility to all the users, but it has a huge downside to it. It makes your content vulnerable to derogatory and inflammatory remarks. Justin Beiber had his own reasons for quitting Instagram inAugust 2016, he deleted his account for his then-girlfriend: Sophia Richie, netizens were constantly posting unpleasant comments for her to the extent that it pushed him to say “Instagram is for the devil”. He returned to Insta in Feb 2017 after he parted ways with his girlfriend.

While it’s not easy to ignore the haters, taking a break from social media helps the celebrities gather themselves. It’s their personal choice to take a short break or quit altogether.

Tech Detox

Taking time off from the virtual world to connect back to your inner being and spending quality time with your loved ones rather than on gadgets is what you call a tech detox. The most famous Hollywood director of this era: Steven Spielberg, isn’t always glued to his devices. In his opinion, creativity takes a back seat if you are constantly logged in. It impacts you negatively. Ed Sheeran, the famous singer, is also of the same opinion. He took a break from the Insta account in 2015 as he felt that he was looking at the world through his screen and not experiencing it through his eyes.  It’s easy to get carried away with the wave of social media and seeing life sleeping from our hands, but do we reckon we spend almost 1.72 hours a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. While Sheeran continues to stay true to his digital detox pact, let’s follow in his footsteps.

You’d be surprised to know Oscar-winning Julia Roberts isn’t on social media despite constant pressure because she believes that she would always look into it if she had Instagram on her phone.

Privacy Issues

Social Media sensation Meghan Markle deactivated all her social media accounts, including Instagram. Soon after, she engaged with Prince Harry and deleted her lifestyle blog in 2017, a clan-favorite. Singer John Mayer is also believed to have been taking breaks from social media from time to time to maintain his private life and reflect upon himself. Comedian and actor Louis CK didn’t enjoy interacting on social media and chose his privacy over anything else. Kendall Jenner, a renowned model, and the most talked about model on social media too retorted to quit this platform.

Minimizing the hassle of managing interactions

Pop singer Adele launched her Insta account in October 2015; however, she rarely posts on Insta and Twitter to minimize unwanted interactions despite a fan following of millions. She writes her post, but her account is controlled by her managing team and has to be approved before sharing it on social media.

Keeping the feed clutter-free

Users often bombard a good feed or a post with irrelevant comments that can take away the content’s beauty. Celebs take a break for a short while to maintain the sanctity of their content. Keeping away for an indefinite time may send a clear message to people to respect the artists and their work. 

Temporary withdrawal for revamping the Insta feeds

Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik did that to revamp the views on their insta account. Many say that this is a unique strategy to gain fan’s attention and retain them. Hard-core fans keenly wait for their fav celebs to come up with a new video, and their absence makes them jittery. In response to their emotional needs, the viewers watch old videos or pictures of these celebs, raising their numbers.

Looking for new branding strategies

Social media is like a gamble. Things may either work for you or fall apart.

The higher the number of views, the higher is celeb’s SEO ranking. However, for some celebrities, numbers don’t matter. They prefer to look for new branding strategies and techniques to promote their content, like VSCO and Tumblr Apps that don’t focus on the number of views or likes but emphasize what celebrities like to do content. This eventually scales up user engagement. 

Lack of engagement

Some celebs, given their vanity, think that their posts should get a high-response or at least an average engagement time to stay in the game. They factor in the number of likes, comments, and shares, and if the number doesn’t match the benchmark they have set in their head, they delete posts that received less than 100 likes within the first few minutes of sharing.

Protecting against hacking/cyber-attacks

Oscar-Winning actress Ema Stone made news for quitting social media in 2013 after a cyber attack on her account. The hijackers posted against her, shading Shailene Woodley. She was left locked out and couldn’t delete her account. She hasn’t returned to social media to date and that’s not all, there are many who have deleted their accounts for they have been a victim of cyber-crime at some point in time.

To remove controversial content

Often celebrities deactivate their social media account for removing the controversial content. They either delete the account permanently and create a new one or take a break for some time till the negativity around them gets diluted.




While we are frequently engaged in scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat daily and kids have joined in our footsteps to do the same, many millennial stars are entirely out of the game and have deleted their social media accounts. Celebs decide to delete or deactivate their social media account for multiple reasons; it’s not about Instagram alone. Some stars are in the opinion that instead of reflecting upon themselves as to who they are, they are always engaged in looking up and weighing down themselves with social media demands. While some think of straightening up their priorities rather than focusing on the number of likes on Instagram, some give up their social presence falling prey to trolling, and some factor in new branding strategies. “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame actress Keira Knightley never enjoyed the online presence. She had once created a social media account with a pseudonym and deleted it within twelve hours. So many millennial celebrities have sworn off social media.

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