Why Joko Widodo Becomes Indonesia President Again?

Who is joko widodo?

Joko Widodo(also named jokowi for short) is the winner of 2019 president election with approval rating of 54.79% on 18th, April. This is the reelection of Joko Widodo, as the seventh and current President of Indonesia.

Who is Joko widodo? Joko widodo was born from born Mulyono in 1961. Before coming to power, he is a businessman of property and furniture. In 2005, he stepped into polity, previously the Mayor of Surakarta from 2005 to 2012, and the Governor of Jakarta from 2012 to 2014. According to the following data shows, President Joko Widodo is one of the world’s most popular elected leaders(5 year’s reelection). Without any military and political background, he can work well with every party and is quite popular among Indonesians.

From the perspectives of media, jokowi is often regarded as Indonesia Obama, not only because of the similar appearance, but also the same background(ordinary in family, fast growth speed either in business or leadership and engaging in reformation).

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What Party Joko Widodo Stand for? 

In 2005, jokowi was pushed by Indonesian Democratic Party to become the Mayor of Surakarta. Indonesia democratic party, is the short term of Indonesian democratic party-struggle, Partai Demokrasi Indonesia-Perjuangan in indonesia language.

It is formally established on 30th, July, 1998 by the great people, who are split from Former Indonesia democratic party. The leader is former president Megawati Soekarnoputri. Based on the formal and national Philosophy of Pancasila, it represents the secular politic power. Under the party guidance, Joko Widodo becomes one of the world’s most popular elected leaders. Let’s see how he climbs up the power mountain!

How Did Joko Widodo Come to Power?

From the general election results(54.79%:45.21%), we can see joko widodo is really a good leadership, leading the polls for president. Why joko widodo has a good leadership and is popular among Indoensians?

He thinks that the key to get popularity is to solve what indonesians need by closing to them via villages, river banks and markets. He refuses to replace old cars with luxury new business cars and takes pride in driving Kiat (a kind of car made in Indonesia).

He regularly wears checked shirt to visit Jakarta Slums. To mediate the conflict with pedlars who fight against relocation, jokowi invites them in his official residence to drink coffee and take dinner.

He always puts the mass line in place, encourages people to be independent on economy. He prefers the convincing way to run country, not the repression. When his subordinates break the rule, he is always decisive in punishing way and time. Facing to the poor, he is very respectful and cautious. In conclusion, actions speak louder than words.

As the Mayor of Surakarta, joko widodo often comes to slums to see the living situation of the poor. He uses his own incomes to finance the poor. Under his leadership, Mulyono city becomes more and more beautiful and is famous as the tourism, culture and exhibition city of Java.

In 2012, Joko widodo is elected as the Governor of Jakarta by virtue of his mass line again. During this period, he takes a serious of active measures like improving the minimum salary, implementing the comprehensive medical insurance, actively promoting the urban transportation infrastructure, etc. Finally, he wins the praise of general public.

With his deputy yusuf kalla, joko widodo makes 9 promises during the election period, related with poverty relief, employment, medical treatment and education, etc.

On the TV debate, joko widodo show that he will make following measures to improve the investing situation of Indonesia like rectifying the bureaucracy, formulating a lot of preferential policy for enterprises oriented by export, simplifying the procedure to transact certificates, etc.


AuthorVaedy Xiao from HXJQ Machinery

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