Why wearing Good Shoes is Important!

How we dress up really conveys how we are portrayed to those around us. Dressing up properly is one of the most important things of the modern day social life. As such, shoes are an essential part of the male or female attire! Some may think that shoes go unnoticed most of the times but that cannot be farther from the truth. Shoes are one of the most important accessories and as such you need to make sure that you wear good shoes and you wear them right! Good shoes are those that make you feel comfortable and also complement the rest of your attire.

Different shoes are meant for different occasions. The good thing about shoes is that they come in so much variety that it’s nearly impossible to screw it up for yourself when it comes to getting a pair of shoes to go with an attire of yours. Shoes come in all sorts of shapes, colors, designs and brands. You just have to make the right choices and you’ll be in to completing an important part of your overall look!

Matching the color of your shoes to the color of the rest of your attire is important. Some shoe colors are neutral, and go with a lot of colors in clothing. A few examples of these would be brown, black and white colored shoes and as such, they’re the ones that are most widely manufactured and preferred. However, shoes are also available in specific colors, so you can go ahead and buy yourself shoes in just about any color you like.

There are outdoor shoes, indoor shoes, sports shoes and dress shoes. It all depends on the occasion and the context of your attire. If I may reiterate, the first requisite of having good shoes is making sure that you’re comfortable with them! Everything else comes later. So make sure of that. Also, wearing shoes that go well with your outfit and occasion leave a lasting impression on all those you meet. A well dressed person looks a lot better than their non well dressed counterparts. So it’s important to get the shoes right.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes will lead to creation of corns at the pressure point of your feet. Not only are they painful but may also call for a form of treatment which can take as long as several weeks for being cured.

Wearing good shoes and maintaining a proper foot health will ideally help in an improved movement of your body. Uncomfortable shoes affect the movement of the body and having to adjust your gait in the process puts pressure on the back, hips, ankles, and knees.

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